Our Cheeses

Grassfed Cheese

Swissland's  grass-fed  milk comes from cow raised naturally on an entirely grass-fed diet.  Not everyone qualifies for Swissland's strict requirements to be a milk producer.  Swissland carefully selects the best local milk producers to get its milk supply.  You'll find Swissland cheeses to be not only tasty but good for you as well.

Raw Milk Cheese

Swissland prides itself on the quality of its raw milk cheese.  The cheese is made from un-pasteurized milk.  The un-pasteurized milk is heated, ensuring that the naturally occurring enzymes in the milk remain intact, then is processed into the cheese.  The cheese is then aged from 60 days at 37 degrees Fahrenheit.  Swissland's raw milk cheese is healthy and full of flavor.

Goat Milk Cheese

Swissland offers an extensive products line of goat milk cheese.   Not only is it made with the highest quality ingredients, but it also carries a wide range of flavors.  This allows Swissland's customers to carry a unique cheese that is supplied only by them.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of goat milk cheese is that it makes a great alternative for the lactose intolerant.

All Natural Cheese

Swissland's specialty cheeses offer a wide variety of tastes and textures.  Most of the cheeses use Swissland's robust cheddar as a base, thus the "Chedda" names.  Some specialty cheeses are also "firsts" and are unique to Swissland Cheese Co.  The famous firsts include:  Lemon Zest, Chedda Feta Bluz, and Chedda Cran Almond.   Swissland is always thinking of new and exciting things to try.