About Us

Swissland's History in Cheese

In 1982, Kirk Johnson, a 4th generation dairyman, began a business with the local Amish in Berne, Indiana, providing them a place to market their milk. Soon after starting his business Kirk began exploring what he could do with this milk. In 2000, he came in contact with a master cheesemaker from Wisconsin and began making cheese at a reasonable price. Swissland Cheese Company realizes the importance of making high quality cheese at a reasonable price. Swissland began selling its cheeses from a local company store in Berne and later expanded to internet sales. Today Swissland is expanding its product into health food stores, gourmet food stores, local groceries, meat markets and restaurants. Swissland Cheese can be found throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

Making Swissland Cheese

Swissland manufactures all its cheeses in small batches, which gives the company complete control over the quality of the cheese. This technique also allows Swissland the ability to diversify its product. Swissland specializes in Grass Fed, Raw Milk, Goat Milk and conventional cow milk cheese. We also manufacture a specialty flavored cheddar cheese, fresh mozzarella, string cheese and cheese curds as well as other specialty flavors.

Animal Treatment

Care for animals, and concern for the proper treatment of animals, is one of Swissland's top prioirities. Animal nutrition and life style are important to Swissland. These standards develop great cheese products and relate to how we all should treat our environment.


Store location and hours:

4310 S US Highway 27

Berne IN 46711



Winter Hours: November 1st - March 31

Monday - Friday 9-5

Saturday 9-4


Summer Hours: April 1 - October 31

Monday - Friday  9-6

Saturday 9-4